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Wire Enamels

SSK Chemicals manufactures Wire Enamels for insulation of Copper and Aluminum conductors. which are further used in transportation, automotive, Fans & Cooler Pumps HVAC, Motors & Transformers, Power Generation & Distribution, Lighting, Aerospace/ Defense These enamels cover a broad range based on Modified Polyester, Polyurethane and Polyesterimide from class B (130 °C) to class H (180 °C)

Wire Enamels Segment
Polyurethane (130 & 155)
Polyester (130)
Theic Modified Polyester (155)
Polyesterimide (180)
Polyamide-imide (200)
Unsaturated Polyester Resin Segment

Polyester Resin are Unsaturated resin formed by the reaction of organic acid and polyhydric alcohols .Polyester resin are used in sheet moulding compound and bulk moulding compound. Polyester resin are thermosetting and, cure exothermically. The curing of the resin is done using promot 6 and Mekcat additives in specific ratios to get the desired result depending upon the application of use.

Unsaturated Polyester resin
Button Grade -
Super Galaxy
Lamination Adhesive Segment

Solvent-based, two-compound adhesive system for flexible packaging and industrial application suitable for the lamination of transparent and aluminium containing material printed or unprinted on all dry laminating machines with smooth or rotogravure rollers. Laminating adhesive and coating for food, medical and industrial packaging applications.

Lamination Adhesive
General Purpose Grade
Hibond Histrength Grade
Chemical & Nitrogen Sensitive Grade